Get to know our company better offers paramedical care and services in the field of laboratory diagnostics at home or in the office.

Our business

We save your time because we know how valuable it is. We will carry out the necessary tests and procedures and you can return to your daily tasks after a while.

We gather selected medical personnel who support diagnosis and treatment with their knowledge and experience.

Our offer includes laboratory diagnostic tests, infusion therapies tailored to the patient’s needs, tests detecting the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, compulsory vaccinations carried out under the Protective Vaccination Program, vaccinations against COVID-19, vaccinations against tropical diseases, air and land medical transport, medical security, organization of mass and special events in terms of epidemiological safety and support in verifying the safety of participants.

We focus primarily on the quality of services and the safety of our patients.

A team of professionals

We gathered strictly selected medical personnel.

Thanks to our dynamic development, we reach a large group of business and individual patients. We are appreciated by both patients and doctors, whom we support in diagnosis and treatment.

Michał Bielik

Partner Zarządzający

Co-founder and Managing Partner at, responsible for sales, marketing and contacts with companies. He worked in large corporations, butit was in the private sector that he found his place. He created telecommunications solutions from scratch, a passionate trainer, advised many companies in the area of ​​M&A, optimizing sales processes for the FMCG, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and automotive industries.

Agnieszka Jóźwicka

Dyrektor ds. Operacji

Agnieszka has been working at from the very beginning. Currently, as the Operations Director, she supervises all processes and realizations.

Julia Jedlińska

Specjalista ds. Obsługi Klienta

Julia makes sure that our patients are the center of attention. As a Customer Service Specialist, she is the one who contacts you most often and answers your questions.

Selected medical personnel who support you in diagnosis and treatment with their knowledge and experience.

Zespół ratownictwa medycznego
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